We are no longer able to take in owner surrenders dogs.
This is due to a lack of available foster homes, lack of funding, and the overwhelming number of daily requests we receive.

Please take the time to read and utilize the information and resources below, including the additional links at the bottom of the page.


If you feel you have a truly extreme or exceptional situation, please email us at epicspitbullrescue@hotmail.com with as many details as you can in case there is anything additional we may suggest.


Please note that for behavioral problems we can only suggest working with a trainer.


Trainers we trust and recommend:

Ryan with Tip Top K9

If you find yourself in a position of needing to re-home your pet, we encourage you to begin seeking help from rescues as early as possible before it becomes a situation where you have only a few weeks or days to find a new home for your pet.


The first place to start looking for a new home for your dog should be with family and friends you already know and trust. 

If that doesn't work, social media is a very powerful tool used to re-home animals.


Items to include when posting online:

- 1-2 pictures of the dog 
- Age
- Sex
- Whether it's fixed {we recommend spaying/neutering your pet before re-homing it}
- Vaccine and health information
- Why you're re-homing it
- Temperment
- Any behavioral issues {transparency is vital}
- Whether it gets along with cats/dogs/children/men, etc.
- Your contact information

There are also local groups on Facebook dedicated to helping people re-home their pets.

Wild Heart Ranch Domestic Network:

If you are a soldier set to deploy and don't want to re-home your beloved dog, Dogs On Deployment is a fantastic organization that helps find a temporary home for your pet while you are away and safely returned to you upon your arrival home.


The following sites offer suggestions and tips that might help you to keep your pet. 
They also offer tips on safely re-homing your pet.


Pit Bull Rescue Central | on re-homing your dog  



Underdog Ranch | on re-homing your dog



1st Quarter News|2015

Adoption totals as of Jan 2015: 1

2014 adoption total: 42

2013 adoption total: 40
2012 adoption total: 8


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