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Thank you for your interest in fostering for us!

All potential fosters must fill out a foster application and, upon approval, schedule a home visit with the owners.
If approved, the home visit needs to be scheduled no less than a week in advance.

Our available days for home visits are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. 

Please fill out an application and email it to epicspitbullrescue@hotmail.com

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Please note that no foster dog should ever be outside without being on a leash unless in a fenced in yard.


For adult dogs:

  • Must have a secure fenced in yard.
  • Must be willing to transport the dog to all adoption events. You do not need to stay for the event but pick up and drop off are necessary.
  • Must provide lots of love and care for the dog!
  • Must be willing to work with the dog on crate training/house training (if necessary), work on obedience such as teaching the dog to listen to commands such has stay/quiet and prepare him/her for their new home.
  • Provide food for the dog.


For puppies:

  • Puppies do not necessarily require a fence until they are older, but they are to be to be monitored while outside at all times.
  • If the puppy is old enough to start potty training, that is always helpful during the adoption process.
  • Puppies need a lot of playtime and they need to be taught to not nip or bark in their crate and it's never too early to start crate training and potty training them.
  • Puppy fosters need to send us updated pictures frequently since they are constantly growing.




Do fosters cover vet costs? No, they do not cover any vet costs. We take care of all medical bills, heartworm preventative, spay/neuter, etc.


What if the foster goes on vacation? Please notify us if you are leaving town and we will take care of where the foster dog will be kept during your leave. With as much advance notice as possible, please let us know the dates the dog will need to be watched and when you will be able to pick them back up.


Can we take the dog to the dog park? It strictly depends on the dog. Puppies do not go out in public areas until they have had a least 3 sets of vaccinations. Not all adult dogs can be taken to the park, some may be too dominant and we do not want to risk a dogfight or any type of possible injury.


What if a foster wants to keep a dog? Fosters interested in adopting dogs will follow the standard adoption process. This includes filling out the adoption application for approval and paying the routine adoption fee. Adoptions are not final until the dog/puppy has been spayed or neutered and the adoption contract is signed.


How long do you foster? Until the dog/puppy gets adopted. This can vary if you help share the posts and pictures of your foster dog and send us updated pictures of the dog. If you cannot make a commitment to fostering until the dog is adopted then fostering is not for you. If you decide halfway through that you no longer wish to foster your dog, not only does that affect the dog, it affects the rescue because we rely on our fosters to be committed. If you come across issues with the dog and it becomes a problem please tell us right away so we can find a solution for you and the dog.


Are my personal foster costs/expenses tax deductible?

HAVE MORE QUESTIONS? EMAIL: epicspitbullrescue@hotmail.com


1st Quarter News|2015

Adoption totals as of Jan 2015: 1

2014 adoption total: 42

2013 adoption total: 40
2012 adoption total: 8


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